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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  August 4, 2017 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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again today. we have a cooling trend on the way. i will talk more about that in a few minutes. first let's check in with mike. >> because of that moisture in the air, we've had some damp roadways as well. some rain fell when i was driving, had to use the windshield imwoulders, that might be the case where you are. prepare for the possibilities of slicker roadways. resuming toward the south bay in campbell we are following this fire that it may affect folks driving past the area near baskham and hamilton not far from highway 17 but we haven't seen any distracted drivers. for more on the issue back to laura and scott. >> it is the breaking news we're covering, neighbors heard explosions in their backyard. they woke up to see more than a dozen cars burning. >> this happened in a carport in campbell. firefighters on the scene and so, too, is rick boone on the scene there. rick, of that fire, what is the latest? >> reporter: yes, what happened, it happened according to neighbors around 2:30 this morning. neighbors say they were awoken
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by their family pet, their dog started barking and pacing. they went into the backyard and noticed this over the fence, nothing but flames. nothing but flames coming from almost a dozen cars on fire in a carport attached to an apartment complex. it's still not known how these cars caught on fire. some neighbors believe some of the cars were abandoned but not quite sure. lot of the neighbors are giving their witnesses statements to fire investigators at this time. there are some crews here on the scene right now, just to make sure they can put out the hot spots. i haven't seen any neighbors from the apartment complex come back out. we're going to stay here and get more details. as soon as we find out how this whole thing started we'll let you know. live in campbell, "today in the bay." >> thank you, rick, for the latest. it's 5:01. breaking news overnight in kabul, afghanistan. nato military has come under
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attack and some american serviceworkers were injured in that attack, but they are reportedly in stable condition. it's still not clear who was behind the deadly attack. now to our top national story the investigation into president trump heating up. special counsel robert mueller will reportedly convene a grand jury to look into possible collusion with russia. "today in the bay's" tracie potts live in washington with that news. good morning to you, tracie. >> hey, scott, good morning, everyone. they've been meeting for several weeks now. this is not the first grand jury connected to this russia investigation but the focus of this one seems to be broader. they could end up looking at the president's own actions. >> are there any russians here tonight? >> reporter: president trump at a rally in west virginia last night as the "wall street journal" reports special counsel robert mueller put together a grand jury to look into possible collusion between russia and the trump campaign. >> the russia story is a total
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fabrication. what the prosecutors should be looking at are hillary clinton's 33,000 deleted emails. >> reporter: nbc has not independently confirmed the existence of this grand jury but we have reported on two others, looking into former national security adviser michael flynn, and the president's former campaign chair paul manafort. what does it all mean? >> this is going to be a broader probe. this is very serious and i'm expected to keep doing this for a while. >> reporter: grand juries can subpoena witnesses and records to help the investigation. >> we have no reason to believe the president's under investigation here. >> reporter: a former senior intelligence official tells nbc the special counsel is looking at whether the president obstructed justice. >> there's a concern that he, frankly, may have a conflict of interest. >> reporter: on capitol hill democrats and republicans are working on a bill to prevent the president from firing mueller or stopping his investigation.
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now the president's outside counsel says the president's never talked with him, never asked the legal team for advice on how to fire mueller or how to shut down this investigation. back to you. >> thank you, tracie. now at 7:00 the "today" show will have more coverage of the new developments including live reports from the white house and in studio analysis into what this means legally and politically for the president. it's 5:04. happening today, the two men facing charges in the oakland warehouse fire are expected back in court today. both faced a judge a few times last month, but they did not enter pleas on the involuntary manslaughter charges that they are facing. the almeida county district attorney says 47-year-old derek almon and 27-year-old max harris turned that warehouse into a death trap when they converted the venue into entertainment venue and housing. 36 people died when the building went up in flames during a dance party back in december. prosecutors say almena and
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harris rented out spaces to tenants that they were responsible for people's safety. let me just finish this quickly, again the hearings for both men set to start at 9:00 a.m. and you'll be able to get immediate updates on our website, as you well know, scott, we'll continue to cover this and the latest developments. it's been a huge show and join scott and myself on our midday show starting at 11:00 this morning. i was eager to tell everyone it's friday morning, time for a beer. san francisco's brewing company future construction near at&t park in limbo since the company is being sold. "the chronicle" is reporting the new owners have not decided whether they'll move forward with the plans to build a production facility and a visitors center on pier 48. anchor steam announced in 2013 it would expand from its location out to the pier. juan francisco lopez sanchez is expected in a san francisco court later this morning. the undocumented immigrant is accused of shooting and killing
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kate steinley in 2015. he says the shooting was accidental. today's hearing will most likely be a procedural one but the trial is expected to begin soon >> it is 5:06 right now. new this morning, a new study is showing a steep increase in suicides among teenage girls. the national center for health statistics finds the number of self-inflicted deaths for girls ages 15 through 19 reached a 40-year high in 2015, and the rate for those girls between 2007 and 2015 doubled. the rates for boys that same age over the same period rose by 31%. on the "today" show this morning, one expert talked about the increase in how some believe it may be tied to the use of smartphones. matt lauer then asked if parents should be considering to take those phones away. >> we're worried the smartphone is creating more depression from your child then yes. >> the video will air at the
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first hour of "today" at 7:00 a.m. researchers not seeing the same kind of spike among america's older adults. if you or someone you know is battling depression or having suicidal thoughts will are people you can talk to, includes the national suicide prevention lifeline. the number is there on your screen, very bold, 1-800-273-8255. 5:07. both sides have hit pause on a battle surrounding a proposed design for the new north ferry terminal, it involves a new ferry in sausalito for golden gate bearings. the city of sausalito and the bridge district are at odds over the final design. truce will keep the dispute out of court for the next six months as both sides try to devise a workable design. it's 5:07 right now. i had a little something of everything this week when it comes to weather wise but a great shot outside overlooking san francisco here in san jose. >> fog and lightning and
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humidity, vianey let's check the latest. >> thanks to the monsoonal moisture. we will continue to see some stronger cells pushing out to the west, that started off in the east and that's what brought the lining. as it clears out temperatures aren't decreasing. we have this warm air mass sitting over the bay area and that's going to bring that humidity. by 7:00 a.m., 68 degrees and then we should see showers kind of tapering off throughout the region by about 6:30/7:00 a.m. and we warm up quite nicely in san francisco into the 70s. in san jose also expect to see warmer temperatures and if you notice in the icon we're not expecting too much sunshine but we have a chance of seeing peeks of sunshine into the afternoon, as that rain does make its way out throughout the area, but i do have some good news. we are expecting to see a nice cooling trend on the way and we are expecting sunshine this weekend. of course i will have a closer look at exactly what you can expect as you head into saturday and sunday in just a bit. first, mike, how are the roads? >> we had a traffic break i was
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tracking this over here on our coliseum camera, it cleared about four minutes ago. traffic recovering northbound from high street all the way up toward 29th. let me show you the map. we have the sensor lag, there is a little bit of slowing that shows up from the coliseum toward 29th street construction project where we'll see that bulk of traffic moving up now. overall things cleared up quickly as you soften that live look. we have that green highlighting around the area, vianey is talking about the moisture in the area. there may be damp roadways, just a word of caution for folks as well. no delays toward the bay bridge. travel times are at the minimum, it's friday in the east bay, that's great. back to you. >> it's friday everywhere, mike. coming up, the new feature on linkedin that may pique your interest if you'd like to find a mentor. the fda approved a first of its kind drug to treat help sites c. the number of americans it may help.
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topler radar right now is still showing the remaining of that moisture, pushing out and it is expected to clear out at least by the midafternoon. right now we're still seeing a few pop-up showers along the peninsula and san francisco as well. let's talk about what this will mean for your friday and weekend plans coming up in a bit. it is friday, so if you're planning to take it easy, let someone else do the driving. the transit agencies reporting
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no delays, good option for you today. thank you, mike. time for business and tech news. linkedin wants to help you find a mentor. >> so does amazon's alexia. dominic chu joins us live from cnbc world headquarters this morning. good morning, dominic. >> good morning, laura, scott. wall street is going to have jobs on the mind right now. that july jobs report will be out before the opening bell, just about 15 minutes from now. analysts are expecting another strong month of hiring with employers forecast to have added about 180,000 jobs to the economy. also key here, whether wages are actually growing. pickup would be some kind of a sign of a tight labor market paving the way maybe for the federal reserve to announce its plans to start reducing that massive balance sheet it has. the dow closing at another record high yesterday up nine points to 22,026. the nasdaq slipped 22 to 6340. like you guys said, linkedin rolled at a new feature to help people find mentors.
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the service identifies mentors in job sectors and matches them with people looking to are that kind of advice. the service is free but only available for now in san francisco and australia. amazon's alexa has a new set of skills. the digital assistant can now play music from amazon's library based on specific activities, they range from things like meditation and falling asleep to working out and getting pumped. users will also be able to ask for specific genres, so if you like working out to bedo versus taylor swift, you can say alexia, play classical music for running. i don't know about you, i could stand to run a little bit more but for now i'll stick with the traditional music for that. >> vivaldi can pick up the beat. >> dominic chu with alexia. >> and taylor swift. >> thank you very much. santa clara and sonoma county fairs opened yesterday and they'll continue through the
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weekend. >> some fairgoers are concerned about ride safety after what happened in ohio. lots of people out for opening day for the fair in san jose. this i believe is, yes, that is the accident itself. >> that's not here. >> no. that is not here. that was in ohio. but okay, this is in san jose, and joining the giant slide and the petting zoo. some people say you know, hey, we're a bit worried about getting on those rides, though. >> i personally am not getting on the rides. >> we've had a couple of questions but we don't have any of the rides and we have one of the very best operators in the country. >> shah thank slide looks pretty safe. that was an official with the fair you just heard. they don't have the fireball ride there. he saw a nice crowd on opening day. hopefully that will continue through the weekend, and i looked it up, they have the weiner dog nationals, don't miss that. >> it's fun to go to the fair. it is 5:15. u.s. regulators approved a new drug alternative to treat hepatitis c at a faster rate.
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centers for disease control say up to 4 million americans have hepatitis c, it develops over decades often with no symptoms until it's too late. the fda approved a new pill combination that can work in as little as eight weeks. other treatments have taken 12 weeks to cure patients. a new report suggests prospective home buyers are bet you are off buying near a trader jo he joe's than any other grocery store. homeowners near trader joe's have seen an average five-year home price appreciation of 67% compared to 52% for homeowners near a whole foods. >> that makes sense. we have some thunder and lightning here overnight. check out the scene in los angeles county. sudden downpour causing flash flooding. some vehicles stuck in floodwaters. drivers had to be rescued. forecasters say in just one hour temperatures dropped from 93 to 66. winds picked up and the skies opened up. nobody seriously injured.
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now incredible video out of utah, flash floods struck as victor villar was hiking with his family through the narrows at zion national park over the weekend. family and friends and strangers forming a human chain to get everyone across the raging waters. villar says what started as a scary experience turned into an inspiring story about what people can do when they work together. everybody is okay. that is pretty amazing to see. >> we had the other story recently, the undertow and another human chain. >> that effort just kicks in. hopefully you don't have a need. i'm hoping for a little bit of cooldown this weekend selfishly. >> i may be able to grant that for you. >> yeah! i also want a lottery ticket. >> we'll get through the cloudiness, humidity and mugginess. just like in l.a., the sun will come out and we'll get some nice cooler temps throughout the bay area. taking a live look at this doppler radar this was in the past hour, all of that moisture
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that was pushing through the region, and yes we're still seeing some lightning in the stockton area. if we zoom in closer to the area we can see the majority of that rain has pushed off. the stronger cells to the east are moving off to the west and we are still seeing a few pop-up showers in san francisco, pacifica, and mainly along the peninsula like half moon bay. the majority of this rain, though, is not even touching the ground so it's evaporating before it touches the ground which is why especially for areas like south bay, we mainly saw some light drizzle, some light rain overnight into the early morning hours, but we can expect to see the majority of this clearing out quite nicely, but what you're go also going to notice we'll keep warmer temps in the forecast. 59 for ocean beach, pacifica 62. san jose is in the 70s. 76 degrees. livermore 77, and in san francisco at about 68 degrees right now. we can thank that monsoonal moisture for that. let's take a quick check of that futurecast so you know what to expect for your day. by about 6:30 we have some
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residual leftover moisture thanks to that of course system that pushed on through overnight and then if you notice if we fast forward throughout the early afternoon into the morning hours, by about 7:30 the remainder of that rain should clear out nicely leaving behind for the most part just a lot of cloud cover in the area. so definitely not going to be a very sunny day. microclimate forecasted highs to are today morgan hill 89, san jose 90 and san jose 87 degrees. we will be in the 90s for today, but as laura requested, she is looking forward to a cooldown, so we will see a drop from the 90s into maybe some 80s and 70s, but i will have a closer look at that coming up in a bit. let's check in with mike with the roads. . >> the lottery numbers according to vaine in the 80s and 90s. i want to zoom over here, the green highlighting around the bay is starting to move around because as we had that overnight rainfall, we had some damp
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roadways and roadways getting better. keep that in mind. no slowing for the tri valley. we'll show you the waze system. crossing the bay from union city toward redwood city the drive we've picked, includes the san mateo and the dumbarton bridges, great options. the longer route 237 just a comparative there, seeing 15-minute longer drive. of course you'll choose the 84 or the 92 drive as kro tcross t water. the app is called waze and the team is nbc bay area wazers over here behind me. that animation shows you how odo that through your profile, if you have not specifically selected our team you need to do that. >> love to have you on our team. thanks, mike. coming up we continue to follow that breaking news in the south bay. >> it is a fire that crews are fighting in campbell. we're seeing dramatic video into our newsroom this morning. as firefighters canvassing that scene. we'll bring you updates immediately. rick boone on the scene of
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that breaking news, tweeting out video of the flames. follow him @rickboonenews on twitter. ♪ ♪ isaac hou has mastered gravity defying moves to amaze his audience. great show. here you go. now he's added a new routine. making depositing a check seem so effortless. easy to use chase technology, for whatever you're trying to master. isaac, are you ready? yeah. chase. so you can.
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good morning to you and a very happy friday, as already people are beating to you work. but stick around, we got a lot of news. live pick fewture of fremont on
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880. 5:23. venezuela's special assembly that will rewrite the country's constitution is expected to begin work today. president nicolas maduro called for a special election last sunday to create the assembly which he wants to handle powers. international software company that tallied the votes said maduro is lying about the number of people who turned out for the vote. the opposition party did not participate in the election. an investigation is under way after a blaze tore through dubai's torch tower for the second time in two years. look at that. firefighters frantically work to try to save an 84-story building. the dubai civil defense said the fire burned for at least two hours early friday before firefighters started cooling that building. so far, there are no immediate reports of injuries. you see the burning embers there. canada's seeing a big surge in migrants seeking asylum. acaid nan officials say in recent weeks the number of migrants tripled. the stadium in montreal now
5:25 am
being used as a temporary shelter to house haitian immigrants. many fled from haiti after the 2010 earthquake and said to be growing afraid of being deported from the united states. san rafael is reportedly starting to talk now about the city's mission turning 200 years -- 200 later this year. the mission san rafael arcangel turns 200 on december 14th, when the church was founded. celebration planned for december 16th. the iga reports starting this weekend historian also deliver a series of talks about the mission's history. "will & grace" is coming back to nbc this fall. see it here on nbc bay area. must-see tv. >> first episode hasn't aired and the show is being picked up for second season. is it that good? it must be. nbc requested 16 instead of 12. the revival of the show is getting buzz. 11 years after it went off air, here's sean hayes who plays
5:26 am
jack. >> it was like the most exciting news ever. we were happy to come back and do ten. and then they upped the order and started seeing the scripts and stuff to 12, and then we had a table read yesterday, wait this thing is going really well. i mean, knock on wood. so it's a vote of confidence before we even start. >> "will & grace" begins thursday september 28th. >> a resurgence in their careers as well. good to see. coming up new warning signs the russian river new action to allege problems. three victims shot in broad daylight yesterday at a popular san francisco park. what police are doing at this hour to keep parkgoers safe.
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good morning to you on this friday morning. as we take a live picture of the santa clara county fair. the ferris wheel not rolling yet but it will be later today. everybody ought to go out and check it out. good morning, everyone. thank you for joining us. i'm scott mcgrew in for sam brock. >> i'm laura garcia-cannon. how long has it been since you've been on the ferris wheel? >> 20 years. >> make it happen this week. vianey the weather should cooperate, right? >> yes, it will and thankfully get a break from the cloud cover and even the rain. now the rain is already started moving out. the temps are in the 60s right now in san francisco. so all of that monsoonal moisture moved in overnight and
5:30 am
pushing out of the region is going to leave behind those muggy conditions. we can expect to cloo iminimb i 70s today and warmer temperatures for east san jose. 75 degrees through the morning hours as the rain tapers off and by 11:00 a.m. we see an increase in the temps into the 80s. if it we take a live look at the doppler radar, this was in the past 30 minutes. i know it looks like it's a lot of heavy rain but a lot of this moisture is evaporating before it touches the ground, why we're seeing light rain popping up here and there, mainly san francisco and along the peninsula. that should clear out within the next 30 minutes. we should be good to go from that point forward. not a very sunny day ahead but that's okay, because, mike, you can be our sunshine. >> thank you. happy face oemoji. some rain overnight in the tri valley and east bay, will leave
5:31 am
damp on and off ramps as well so it's a possibility there, a crash on northbound 880 at 238, just learned about it, getting more details from chp but we don't see any slowing, i guess that's good news. it's early, light easy drive around most of the bay now. smooth flow toward the bay bridge. quick look at the bay bridge toll plaza shows no backup forming, not in dramatic fashion. fast track lanes are starting to slow as you approach there and that's about it. back to you. back to breaking news in the south bay, but we've been following since we came on air at 4:30 this morning. >> explosions rocking a campbell neighborhood, waking up neighbors this morning. bunch of burned out cars. let's take you live to the scene, nbc bay area's rick boone getting a better look at the damage. rick, any injuries? >> reporter: right now we know 16 cars according to fire officials are burned and these are some of the vehicles right here. these are vehicles that were in a carport connected to an apartment complex between this carport there's also homes. there are also some cars that were in the carport and cars
5:32 am
like this one you're seeing right here, this is distinctive. we can turn back over here. this is illegally parked. fire investigators say there were several cars parked in the fire lane about five or six and they were incredibly close to homes and that's why it was such a huge concern for a lot of homeowners when the flames went up to the sky. that's what they're trying to investigate how this all began today. they are saying this is not a criminal situation at this time, but still for neighbors, it was a huge concern, but thankfully for one neighbor, their family pet reacted and got them up and got the authorities here. >> tons of concerns about the cars, because they are right up on our fences, and people barbecue out there so we're always a little nervous about what could happen. >> reporter: and firefighters are still here on the scene, just to put out any particular hot spots but they tell us it's pretty much put out as much as it possibly can be. i'll give you one little feel, since you're not here, a little
5:33 am
bit of smell-a-vision. it smells horrible. smells like a rubbery burning smell and also gasoline. they tell us this is a safe zone. looks pretty much like the smell we're dealing with here. the residents who belong to these cars are starting to wake up this morning to that real reality, that they don't have a vehicle anymore. we're live in campbell. rick boone for "today in the bay." >> it can be quite toxic. that's at april way not too far from hamilton. 5:33. this morning san francisco police increasing their presence at a popular park following a shooting in broad daylight. officers are looking for shooters who left three people hurt. >> "today in the bay's" pete suratos joins us from sfpd headquarters with the latest of the actions taken by the police department good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you, scott and laura. we've had a chance to move to dolores park to see if san francisco police increased that presence and i can tell you once we showed up not too long ago i saw two patrol cars doing the rounds here at dolores park
5:34 am
following that shooting that took place in broad daylight yesterday afternoon and took place according to witnesses near this foot bridge right behind me. in fact, let's go to the video from the scene, when this all took place. had to be a scary time for park-goers when all of this happened. according to sfpd there were three victims who were shot, two men and one minor, all sent to sf general for injuries and one is facing life-threatening injuries. the motive is unclear at this time. witness told nbc bay area as i mentioned a group of five to six people wearing bandanas approached a group behind me at dolores park and the witness claims one of the people opened fire on the victims. we had a chance to talk to some other parkgoers. here is what they had to say what took place. >> i went to make sure everything was okay and mediate and make sure to be the one to calm everyone down, no. i hear they're strapped. gun raised to me. >> i heard six gunshots and see everybody running down the hill so i took cover and ran for the
5:35 am
bathroom. >> reporter: witnesses also tell us that this armed group ran off after the shooting, probably jumping into a toyota corolla. this is an ongoing investigation. if you have any information to help with the case to find the suspect or suspects, contact sfpd. we're live in san francisco, pete suratos for "today in the bay." >> thanks, pete. >> it is 5:35. firefighters in the oakland and berkeley hills are keeping a close eye on the thunder and lightning that swept over the region overnight. >> this morning the focus returns on putting out those hot spots. here are the latest numbers. 20-acre fire pretty much surrounded. it's 50% contained. meantime the search for a cause continues. uc berkeley police say the fire started on university property, and they're investigating it as a possible arson case. cal fire is in charge. that agency is not talking arson at this point. here's melinda drayton from oakland fire. >> if it's determined to be arson they take a certain action. if it's determined to be negligent they take one action.
5:36 am
>> reporter: as of right now? >> it's an open investigation. >> meanwhile oakland police say a man involved in a crash who brandished a gun at a driver right near the fire scene wednesday morning has been arrested but they've not been able to connect him to the fire. more details, firefighters say non-native eucalyptus trees are a large part of the vegetation that burned in that fire. they've been a hazard in the east bay hills for a long time contributing to the destruction in the oakland firestorm years ago. conservancy groups are working to remove those non-native trees. at 5:36, new this morning, health leaders are reportedly recommending keeping caution signs posted along the russian river warning of toxic blue-green algae. "the press democrat" the signs went up last week after traces of toxin were discovered. health experts say the amount in each case was minimal. at least 80 times less than the threshold requiring the beach to be closed. here is some additional details
5:37 am
for you, exposure to blue-green algae can be quite harmful especially for dogs. about a month ago a regional warning went out covering the north and east bay. that followed the death of two dogs that went swimming in a napa pond. we looked further back and found four bay area dog deaths tied to toxic algae in 2015 when drought conditions created higher potential dangers. so far at least two bay area waterways have been closed to swimmers due to summer, due to all the toxic algae that's lake telascal in oakland and quarry lakes in fremont. discovery bay, one location is considered off limits. warning signs are posted in several other locations. scott? 5:37. uber headed back to court today. the ride share company is accused of not paying a $25 million settlement it reached with the counties of san francisco and los angeles. uber was facing allegations the company misled and overcharged customers. the counties sued uber in 2014
5:38 am
and both sides settled, but uber is now accused of not paying up. so the counties are seeking additional damages. new this morning, uber admits it knowingly rented faulty vehicles that were prone to catch fire to drivers in singapore. the company bought 1,000 of those cars and rented them out. uber took action after one of the cars did catch fire, only the driver was not in the car at the time and was not hurt. happening today, steph curry is back for more in the ellie may classic. curry shot a respected 4 over par in the first round against bona fide pro golfers. . he makes the second round today he'll play through the rest of the weekend. he'd said to have a 2 handicap, not quite scratch. >> wow. i don't even do that in putt-putt golf. lot of green here, the highlighting may be damp roads
5:39 am
without of overnight rain, sprinkled light rain continuing along the peninsula. so far no complications. light volume of traffic around this friday, a lot of folks trying to get the last few weeks of vacation for summer over here. octavia boulevard out of northbound 101, there is an incident there, reports of a bumper in lane. watch for crews should they arrive in the next couple of minutes you'll be expecting them as you travel through san francisco. an easy drive from the north bay highway 37 a little build out of vallejo headed toward mayor island nothing unusual and the east bay despite the earlier crash which cleared from 238 and 880, no slowing on the morning commute. that's good stuff. all right, cue the music. time for the weekend, we've made it to friday. >> and for some folks i have a feeling they probably already started their weekend. that's if you don't have to go to work. >> a mental note of the start of the weekend. but i mean, i know that it's muggy and it's cloudy and not
5:40 am
very nice in terms of the skies, it will clear out. look at saturday and sunday forecast. we will be starting into the 50s and 60s and if you notice slightly cooler temperatures will be in the 70s and 80s this weekend. we have a nice cooling trend on the way but unfortunately inland spots looking to hit the 90s in some areas. if you're looking to get away head into lake tahoe expect to catch some of the early morning thunderstorms through the early morning today, and then into saturday, possibly as well, continue to track the monsoonal moisture. before hitting the road, check the road conditions just to play it safe. by sunday, much better conditions for lake tahoe, 75 degrees. we'll have partly clear skies. headed over to monterey expect to keep partly clear skies in the forecast today and through the weekend. on sunday a nice cooldown into the the 60s. if if you're headed to the santa clara county fair where scott is going to ride a ferris wheel, that's if he goes, it will be taking place from 11:00 a.m. to 11:00 p.m. and the conditions are going to get better. if you notice by 11:00 a.m. the
5:41 am
conditions change in terms of the overcast skies. we start welcoming a bit more sunshine, the monsoonal moisture will keep us humid for the majority of the day so it will still feel kind of tropical. expect to get sweaty today if you're walking around. 88 degrees and in santa clara we'll be topping out into those 80s so please keep that in mind, drink plenty of water and the fremont festival of the arts this weekend, so if you can, head on hout there. much sunnier conditions for the weekend. it's going to be a good one. get through today's mugginess and it will get better. >> yes, i'll absolutely go, vianey, thank you. >> funnel cakes and all, maybe after the ride. 5:41. coming up, would you buy a driverless car? new numbers out overnight show how much people are willing to pay. also new what impact does your pet have on the environment? a reason the study from ucla says your four-legged friend is hurting the climate. >> oh, they help fertilize, don't they?
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it's 5:44. we continue to see some light rain along the bay area, specifically in the pacifica area and san francisco area. we can expect it to clear out. how hot are we expected to get? details coming up in about three minutes. >> in the east bay for your travel times through the tri valley, i should say. slowing for 580.
5:45 am
i'll show you the inside scoop. >> thank you very much, vianey and mike. 5:44. burlington police say they have the man who stole $230,000 worth of persian rugs from a gallery. here are the rugs stolen from a store on monday. officers got a tip about a possible suspect. 55-year-old john reed of oakland, later that day officers spotted reed driving. he was pulled over and he had the rugs in the car. he was allegedly stealing persian rugs from stores across the bay area. we're learning more about the man shot and killed by richmond police officers earlier this year. jeff barboa was a doctoral student of psychology. he worked with berkeley's mental health crisis team. . >> the robbery happened at all star donuts two weeks ago. barboa walked in and took cash out of the register. the store's owner said "he looked so normal." >> kind of just turn around after he dropped it up "what you want to fight? i got a gun. i got a knife."
5:46 am
>> officers spotted barboa's car wednesday and it led to a chase. officers shot and killed barboa in richmond. witnesses say he was holding a machete and ignoring commands. barboa was reportedly going through a stressful time with his family. it is 5:46. new this morning a deal between two japanese automakers to build cars here in the u.s. toyota and mazda announced fans to build a factory that may create up to 4,000 jobs. the facility may be up and running by 2021 but the question is, where? a location has still not been decided. the president tweeted about that deal overnight writing in part "a great investment in american manufacturing." a german volkswagen executive is scheduled to plead guilty in detroit today for his alleged role in the emissions scandal. schmidt a former manager at a vw engineering office in detroit
5:47 am
was arrested in january. volkswagen admitted it used cheating software to get around u.s. emissions standards. a new survey finds consumers are willing to pay extra for self-driving cars. study by ihs market surveyed 5,000 vehicle owners around the world, asked them how much they were willing to pay, depending on where they live. car buyers in the u.s. say they're willing to pay an extra $780 on average for full autonomy. germans say they'd pay the most more than $1,000. sacramento reportedly the latest city to think small when it comes to solving a large homeless population. the "sac bee" says city leaders are considering a home village, each about 150 square feet. san jose leaders are talking about a similar idea. one of the largest cannabis companies in the country bought an entire california town in hopes of turning it into a pot paradise.
5:48 am
the town is nipton, in the mojave desert about 60 miles from las vegas. it's a gold rush town. the sale is still in escrow but the owner confirms american green incorporated is the buyer, plans to turn that town into a cannabis friendly destination is what they're calling it, only 20 people live there right now. it's 5:48. turns out making food for your pet is bad for the air. >> new ucla study shows cats and dogs directly account for 64 million tons of methane and nitrous oxide. >> my dog has a lot of that. >> two powerful climate changing gases, all coming from the mcgrew household, is roughly equivalent to driving 13 million cars a year. researchers say making pet food for pets especially meat-based ones requires more energy, land and water, but i want to see if that study was put on for purina or something. you got to investigate a little
5:49 am
further. >> let's check your weather. hopefully there's a breeze going through my house. >> a light breeze right now. right? but if you're going to be taking your pets out in the early morning hours you may want to take an umbrella if you live in san francisco or parts of santa rosa and also along the peninsula because the doppler radar is still showing plenty of moisture, but it is moving west, which is great news for us, if i kind of zoom in a bit you can see the majority of that rain has managed to push out of the area, and leaving behind just a trail or two of some light rain in san francisco, pacifica, half moon bay. san jose saw a light drizzle. not a lot sitting over the area, just some cloud cover in there, so this doppler radar should clear out by 6:30. residual moisture along the coast and a nice calmer weather pattern and of course we will be warming up in terms of the temperatures. current temps an impressive 76 at this hour in san jose giving
5:50 am
it that tropical feel in the south bay, going to feel muggy, shot, sweaty conditions out there for sure. pacifica 62, ocean beach 59 and where it's raining, in areas like san francisco, novato light rain and so is san jose. they're in the mid to upper 60s in the area, and they will be warming up into the 80s, possibly even some 90s for the north bay. now as you're getting ready to head out, the weather is going to trick you just a bit. let's talk about this closet. i think a hoodie is good for today. i don't think you'll need a heavy jacket. it will be very hot and maybe some jeans i think, because i think a lot of the sunshine isn't going to make its way out for today. but look at those temperatures. you may want to shed that sweater. san jose a high of 87. east san jose a high of 90 and in the east bay 80s and 90s across the board, oakland a high of 77, peninsula in the 60s, and the 70s, and for the north bay also expect to climb into the 80s, and even some 90s like napa over the next seven days. if you notice in san francisco we go from 70s to upper 60s and the inland spots a nice cooldown on the way as we head into
5:51 am
monday. mike? >> lack of triple digits, i like that in the seven-day. over here we cover the triples and the doubles, not a big deal for the roadways. the light mist around the bay might be affecting maybe some damp roadways so just a sort of caution as you get out there this morning. we see a little slowing northbound 101, and we got word an earlier crash may leave north 880 at brokaw closed for a few minutes. sounds like a car went off the roadway and they're making sure there's no one in the area. sounds like it happened a while ago. the waze system, how things are because traffic is so light around the bay there are no major surprises. our waze system i'm not sure if it's up there, we should be okay looking at the maps here with three options for you, getting over from pittsburgh to the walnut creek interchange. you're still best off coming from highway 4 and 242, but look at this. we have that slowing and it shows up on our waze system and on our maps as well. cut-through a good benefit over the next few minutes. kirker pass road. folks you know about that. you know about joining our team,
5:52 am
nbc bay area wazers, that's the name of the team to join on the app over my shoulder. use that cartoon to guide you to your choice, that's nbc bay area wazers. >> good choice. coming up, new technology in the fight against wildfires, the way thermal imaging is giving fire crews new insight inside an inferno. breaking news the new monthly jobs report is in showing u.s. hiring strong in july 209,000 jobs created. unemployment edges down 4.3%. tying a 16-year low. the casino industry has new rules for responsible gambling. dealers will be trained how to spot compulsive gamblers along aunderaged players. we're back in two minutes.
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our san bruno mountain welcome back to you on this friday morning. take a live look outside, san bruno mountain camera down on the city there. we can see some spotty showers this morning, after that weird weather overnight. forecast vianey arana has more. >> we're getting a different look at wildfires. firefighters across california are relying on thermal imaging to try to get some of these fires under control. it's interesting to look at. in infrared map of the massive detwiler fire burned more than
5:56 am
80,000 acres in ma in mariposa . the technology can be life-saving in fires tough to fight from the ground. >> some of these fires in the detwiler in particular is in very steep, nasty country, and so it's very difficult to ground truth where the perimeter of the fire actually is. in many cases there's no roadways. >> firefighters typically fly over the fire zone between midnight and 2:00 a.m. to capture these images. it can help map the perimeter of a fire, even detect heat and predict where a fire might be headed, where it's spreading next. it costs about $5,600 an hour to use the technology but cal fire says that is a small cost to pay when it saves lives and millions of dollars in proper damage. >> 5:56. happening now the search is on for a prison inmate who walked away from a minimum security facility on the central coast. 28-year-old donald likens was
5:57 am
serving a nearly five-year sentence for burglary, evading a police officer and vehicle theft. he was reported missing from the salinas valley state prison in soledad wednesday night. he has hazel eyes and brown hair, 5'7", weighs 194 pounds. this morning we're waiting to learn the name of a pilot who crashed into a backyard in sacramento county. the plane went down in rio linda yesterday afternoon about two miles from the mcclellan air field. the plane hit a chicken coop taking out several trees as well. neighbors watched in horror and then rushed over to help the pilot. >> everybody just like tore down the fence, and we went through, and there was no flame or -- there wasn't no gas smell. just, and went over there and he was like, laying there dead i guess. >> no one else was injured. the if, aa says the plane is a four-seater built from a kit.
5:58 am
let me explain what that is, new video into our newsroom, a massive swarm of bees interrupted a concert in arizona during a matchbox 20 concert in tucson. the concert was actually delayed an hour because a couple thousand bees just started swarming. firefighters were on the scene to provide first aid while an exterminator had to be called in to handle the bees. almost 6:00 on a friday morning, caltrain moving forward with plans to increase fares and parking fees. the board of directors approved those changes during its meeting yesterday. now here are the biggest changes you need to know about. caltrain adult zone fare also increase by 25 cents starting october 1st. at the same time monthly parking prices go from $55 to $82.50. go pass also increase from $190 to $237.50, starting in the new year. those passes will increase even
5:59 am
more to $285 at the beginning of 2019. and there will no longer be a discounted eight ticket ride. the biggest free street festival west of the mississippi returns to east bay this weekend. nearly 400,000 people are expected to head to the 31st annual -- 34th annual, not the 35th, next year will be a big one but as the fremont festival of the arts. we talk about it every year. check out arts and crafts and music street performers, plenty of activity for the kids. nbc bay area has a booth there, runs from 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. on saturday and sunday. bring out the kiddies to downtown fremont. >> a new and rather unique exhibit opened at the national museum of natural history in washington, d.c. >> it examines the limited information we know about the mysterious narwhal, the exhibit opened yesterday and focuses on the changing climate and how it
6:00 am
is impacting the narwhal and looks at the different theory, whether the tooth is a sensory organize or a signal of fertility. right now at 6:00 following breaking news out of the south bay, a big fire in a carport overnight leaving major damage behind. how man's best friend may have saved lives in that fire. >> plus, president trump lashing out at the russia investigation, amid a new report that a grand jury has just been convened. what it all means legally, and politically for the president. and we're tracking some rare summer rain, a live look at the radar this morning. the impact it could have on your weekend plans. "today in the bay" continues right now. good morning and happy friday to you. thank you for joining us. i'm scott mcgrew. so sam brock has friday off. >> i'm laura garcia-cannon, smiles all around. vianey is in for kari is morning with a look ae


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